Classical Pilates classes for instructors by instructors.
Our Livestream Classes have small class sizes and consistent dates and times for better attention, personalized guidance and feedback from world famous instructors, and continued growth.
Perfect to help you commit to your self practice!

“The reason I like The Pilates Link is that I can learn from highly experienced teachers with friends from all over the world. Thank you for organizing amazing classes and looking forward to attending more!”
—Ayako, London
"I love the Pilates Link because we get to take classes from the best instructors in the world , we meet at the same time every week we get to know the instructors and they get to know us."
-Catherine, Hong Kong
" I am so grateful to The Pilates link now I can stay on top of my own workouts and access to the best instructors in the world without having to travel"
- Jessy, Kuala Lumpur