Sonje Mayo: Quick-fire Interview with The Pilates Link

Janine Ramirez

It’s our mission to link you to the best, most dedicated online instructors here at The Pilates Link. So when we started offering mentorship classes from Sonje Mayo, we were over the moon!

Sonje Mayo dedicated her life to perfecting the body’s movement. From physical therapy to dance, and now—The Method! This gives her such a precise touch as an instructor. We value every adjustment and correction. So to get more of Sonje’s input and thoughts on Contrology and the world we live in, we had a quick-fire interview session!

Do you recall your first ever Pilates class?

Yes, with Joe Pilates at Jacob's Pillow in July 1965.

What was it like and was it love at first practice?

Joe was hypnotic and I immediately realised why dancers went to him.

What made you focus your career on teaching Pilates after years of being devoted to dance?

Eventually all dancers have to get off the stage. I was still performing at 54! I always did the Pilates mat before every dance class so I suppose moving into Pilates full time was a natural transition.

What is your favorite memory of Joe?

He had a lovely smile that reached his eyes.

And what is your biggest learning from him?

The correct placing of the pelvis was Joe's greatest gift to me.

What do you think the biggest difference is in practicing versus teaching Pilates?

One cannot teach effectively if one doesn't do Pilates. Practicing Pilates only is a luxury. Teaching Pilates successfully is very demanding.

What makes a good and effective Pilates Instructor?

Having an open mind and constantly learning.

What do you think the role of Pilates is in this time of pandemics and quarantines?

It has been a godsend for many people in lockdown and isolation and also kept Pilates teachers busy with virtual lessons, which may never have occurred in normal times.

How do you think the Pilates industry will change as an effect of the times and the current climate of uncertainty in the world?

Pilates should not be affective by politics or changes in the world. We soldier on and bring order and focus in uncertain times.

What is your hope for the future of Pilates?

My hope is that the classical system thrives and remains preserved.

What is your message to the next generation of Pilates instructors?

There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. Stay with the Method and be patient.

We hope you got a surge of inspiration from Sonje Mayo! If she could practice Pilates before every dance class, then you can do so, too, before you start off your day!

We hope to help you with our variety of online classes with only the best, most passionate instructors.

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Janine Ramirez